Have you been to The Grid yet? It’s Power Plant’s version of a food hall. It has almost ten stalls offering various cuisines from different brands, some known and others are relatively new in the food scene.

Although Bucky’s is more known for their variety of brownies, I got to indulge a few days ago in their latest batch of savory dishes. And yes, I still got to enjoy their sweet treats after that.

My favorite was Bucky’s take on classic Fried Chicken (Php 250). It serving size was impressive but more so on its crisp texture and seasoning. I highly recommend pairing it with their refreshing and nut enhanced Cauliflower Salad for a balanced meal.

If you came here looking for a filling meal, go for Bucky’s creative Baked Ziti, a red sauce pasta filled with ground meat and cheese. And if that’s not enough, how about some Twister Fries too! It’s similar if not better than the McDonald’s version.

Parfaits here are amazing! Our team had the pleasure of having four of their best selling varieties. Brush off the price of Php 280, as it is packed with quality ingredients including an entire Bucky’s cookie inside it. Pro tip- you can even make your own version from their stretch selection of toppings.

My top pick was the Smores Parfait. It had smores cookie, brown butter polvoron, milk powder, marshmallow, dark chocolate chip, crushed cones and drizzled with salted caramel sauce in light milk soft serve. So addicting!

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