Top of the Glo in Glorietta recently added Japan Town to boost traffic on its open roof deck area. Besides Japanese cuisine of various kinds, it will also be a venue to showcase their entertainment, culture, and events.

There are now 7 Japanese concepts open at the moment.

They are Tendon Akimitsu, Hakata Ramen, Shaburi Kintan, Mitsuyadu Ramen, Coco Ichibanya, 102 Izakaya and today’s destination, Musashi-Maru.

Musashi-Maru now has two locations in Manila, the first one is in Bonifacio Global City. This international franchise is part of one of the biggest restaurant groups in Toyohashi, Aichi, Japan.

When craving for authentic and high quality tonkatsu, sushi, ramen and other familiar Japanese dishes, I highly recommend a visit here soon.

Our feast of the east started with fresh and thick slices of sashimi. We had the trio of Kanpanchi (yellowtail), Maguro (bluefin tuna) and my all time fave, Salmon.

Nigiris sushi were served as well. Both the Ippon Anago (eel) and Ebiten (shrimp) Nigiri were eye catching, as they were vibrant in color and shape. The eel was a more instant crowd drawer because of its sweet and savory sauce combined with melt in your mouth texture.

Our table also had the staple Gyoza as one of our starters. Mushashi-Maru’s version was excellent, their Yaki Gyoza was moist and delicious.

The signature Tonkotsu, pork broth base Ramens arrived soon after. It had three flavors- Miso (fermented bean paste), Shoyu (soy sauce) and Ebi (seafood). The Miso had the richest taste while Ebi was light and friendly. All bowls were filled with firm noodles and toppings, making it an incredible deal as they are just at Php 370 each.

This establishment values fun and it’s evident with their Long Long Weiner dish. The story behind it I wont’t mention here, it’s funny and best if carried out by Mushashi-Maru’s wait staffs. The sausage is around 3 feet long!

Finally, desserts! Japanese restaurants normally aren’t good at this part of the menu. This place does. Please order all of their four treats, Zensai (mochi with red bean), Almond Jelly and their ice cream, Cookies and Cream + Dark Chocolate.

I can’t wait to come back here when am in the Makati area. More than the food, their friendly personnel gives you more reasons to visit them again and again.

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